Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Magazine Mayhem

Today has been absolutely manic as it was the complete and utter last day to get work published before industry night tomorrow. Following the fairly unsuccessful meeting with the dean last week we were trying to decide on the best course of action for those not selected to exhibit. With minimal time and resources, pop-up shops, new exhibitions etc were all vitoed and then I volunteered the idea of a mini magazine where everyone can submit work and we hand it out on the industry night. It seemed feasible if everyone put in £10 towards a budget, did a double page spread and bish bash bosh we have a magazine. I started a facebook group and people seemed keen, but then it seemed to backfire as the sunday night "deadline" passed and 2 people had sent me their work. I was fairly disappointed to say the least, but then on monday morning checked my inbox to find 7 new mails (all sent in the early hours ha) and sort of thought well maybe I should give this a go. Needless to say it hasn't been easy, through raises in budget (now £20 each), droppers out, last minuters, indesign nightmare page kerfuffles..but in the end I got it to the printers at 4pm today and will collect tomorrow. Not the best quality paper and could have done with more time, but certainly not bad for 6days! In the end there are 16 of us in, and we'll have around 100 copies to hand out on the night. I'm quite chuffed! Now onto my portfolio...sigh.

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