Monday, 26 April 2010

print in glass??

Just discovered the website shapeways which lets anyone create their own 3D model and even set up an online shop to sell their models...also has materials for 3D printing I didn't realise were possible..such as glass! Exciting times..


Ephemicropolis by Peter Root via Ignant


painting by Kristine Moran via Art Milk

interactive video

Just reading another article on business of fashion about technology allowing video to become interactive which is so exciting. Quynh Mai, founder of moving content and image NY:

“On every printed page of a magazine, there is always a credit telling the consumer what the subject in the image is wearing, and sometimes how much [it costs] and where to buy it. Dazed did the same thing, but the content was video and the medium was online,” explained Mai.

“Pokeware helps shrink the distance between desire and consumption down to one click,” she said. Indeed, the technology has the potential to transform glossy short films and videos into highly engaging virtual storefronts."

Hoping I still have time to make both a technical animation and brand/concept video of my products...which could then be the face of my online retail proposal. wikihow to make a fashion video...

reduced paw print

Just doing some more research into packaging and came across the Puma Fuse packaging promo video on business of fashion. Nice video which commicates what they've done really well and maintains a strong brand identity. Packaging also looks pretty cool. Not sure how many people would reuse the bag though. But inspirational anyhow!

Friday, 23 April 2010


So the blog has been quiet of last as the past two weeks I had the absolute privelage to return to Y-3 at adidas and work with the team there on my prototypes. Needless to say I wasn't too upset when volcanic eruptions forced me to stay longer...

Now so excited to recieve the bits..and back to reality of organising all the rest. sigh.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Thursday, 1 April 2010

another to add to the wishlist

Dior FW10/11


Interesting to see how the fashion industry is reacting to digitisation where in my internship experience a lot of smaller brands in particular are still very old-school in the way they are managed back of house. Having seen this post on Business of Fashion it makes perfect sense for people to be capitalising on the opportunities for targeting small businesses which are popping up every season. World on a Hanger is one system offering a more 21st century production management system which brands can join easily and pay for on a monthly basis. Will be interesting to see how things like this may change the industry in the future, and perhaps give smaller brands the tools they need to survive globally as smaller brands.

World on a Hanger from Tom Riley on Vimeo.

what i've been upto of late

So aside from a fair bit of time staring at my laptop and trying to model my parts in rhino, here's a snippet of the recent grateful moments when I've been in the workshop doing a bit more of your traditional(ish) hand-shoemaking .. (complete with chipped nail varnish, sigh).