Monday, 26 April 2010

interactive video

Just reading another article on business of fashion about technology allowing video to become interactive which is so exciting. Quynh Mai, founder of moving content and image NY:

“On every printed page of a magazine, there is always a credit telling the consumer what the subject in the image is wearing, and sometimes how much [it costs] and where to buy it. Dazed did the same thing, but the content was video and the medium was online,” explained Mai.

“Pokeware helps shrink the distance between desire and consumption down to one click,” she said. Indeed, the technology has the potential to transform glossy short films and videos into highly engaging virtual storefronts."

Hoping I still have time to make both a technical animation and brand/concept video of my products...which could then be the face of my online retail proposal. wikihow to make a fashion video...

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