Saturday, 28 August 2010

feline fancy

Not one to repost something on a friends blog I couldn't resist having seen this on fellow cordwainer the last taylor blog...I give you - The Catorialist. Love it!

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

not your normal commuter attire

8.45am waiting for a bus outside kings x: air jordan heel boots

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

cute boot

See by Chloe boots £330 new on net-a-porter, liking the mix of velet with tumbled leather.

Chau for now

I was put in contact with Chau Har Lee recently and having a root around to see what I could find about her work, discovered this sample which was developed as part of the Camper 2009 workshop: Natural By Design. It's a simple but interesting take on more sustainable construction whilst also remaining commercial, camper, and I think really wearable. It's also my favourite of the bunch and I think the girl done good! Nice to see some work which is different to her signature range as well.

"This shoe is made up of three interconnecting parts: the uppers, made up of two pattern pieces, moulded to shape and attached to the sole with a few stitches, the opening cut out of the middle becomes the backstrap. The foot bed slots into the sole and moulds to the wearer’s foot providing support for the arch. The sole shape provides protection where the foot has most contact with the ground. All 3 parts can be made of different materials and interchanged as required without the need for adhesives. All the pattern pieces tessellate ensuring minimum waste of materials."

blog roll

Having regoogled myself today it's nice to see my shoes are still recieving more coverage so thank you all! I also hope to be able to talk about a few new projects which are hopefully in the pipeline soon so please bear with me..

Monday, 23 August 2010

WGSN feature

I was surprised and happy to be contacted by one of the big sports footwear companies last week who had seen my work via WGSN and invited me for interview. Having not realised I was on WGSN this was (fantastic) news to me! and I have now managed to get hold of a copy of the report Emerging UK Talent: Graduate Footwear Analysis and am ecstatic to be in the top 5! Unfortunately the email address is wrong, so if anyone has sent any enquiries to that email address, please re-send to Thankyou! and thanks WGSN!

Monday, 16 August 2010


photograph from Eonnagata theatre production at sadlers wells, costumes by alexander mcqueen via stylebubble

Friday, 13 August 2010


If I had all the money in the world, and happened to be developing a second season helen furber collection heel..(which sadly I am not..quite yet anyway) I have just found exactly what I would do.

You can "trap lightening" in plastic..aka a "Lichtenberg figure" and which are actually sold on the website "". IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES!! imagine the heels - ooft.


light in the dark

Lexus' "CT Umbra" by nondesigns. An installation as part of Lexus' Darker Side of Green debate "aiming to expand and inspire a new audience on green issues".

"2500 anodized aluminum bars of 1/2'' thickness were cut to their specific lengths and inserted into their locations in the illuminated platform to achieve a glowing effect of colours on the surface of the ''car'', each tips were lacquered with blue green on one side and yellow mica on the opposite. as the viewers walk around the art installation, they experience a gradual change in colour from gold to organic-blue--two seemingly contradictory perspectives of lexus' fifth hybrid."

Almost looks like a hollogram, I like the idea of it changing into different images as you move around it. Imagine if you could get multiple different colours/images in there! via design boom

simple perfection

celine on jak & jil

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

alaia love

Desperately in need of some new sandals and I've fallen hard for these alaia beauties..a snip (ha) at £1,085 on sigh. I'm currently reading Luxury Online: Styles, Systems, Strategies and the author is keen to repeatedly point out that luxury needs to move online, and that azzedine alaia is a prime example of a brand with no company website. Yet they are able to sell seriously pricey products, maintain a cult following without a website and are one of the few who I think really do produce timeless, luxurious products season after season. It'll be interesting to see if they do branch out online though and if so how it's done.