Friday, 13 August 2010

light in the dark

Lexus' "CT Umbra" by nondesigns. An installation as part of Lexus' Darker Side of Green debate "aiming to expand and inspire a new audience on green issues".

"2500 anodized aluminum bars of 1/2'' thickness were cut to their specific lengths and inserted into their locations in the illuminated platform to achieve a glowing effect of colours on the surface of the ''car'', each tips were lacquered with blue green on one side and yellow mica on the opposite. as the viewers walk around the art installation, they experience a gradual change in colour from gold to organic-blue--two seemingly contradictory perspectives of lexus' fifth hybrid."

Almost looks like a hollogram, I like the idea of it changing into different images as you move around it. Imagine if you could get multiple different colours/images in there! via design boom

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