Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Chau for now

I was put in contact with Chau Har Lee recently and having a root around to see what I could find about her work, discovered this sample which was developed as part of the Camper 2009 workshop: Natural By Design. It's a simple but interesting take on more sustainable construction whilst also remaining commercial, camper, and I think really wearable. It's also my favourite of the bunch and I think the girl done good! Nice to see some work which is different to her signature range as well.

"This shoe is made up of three interconnecting parts: the uppers, made up of two pattern pieces, moulded to shape and attached to the sole with a few stitches, the opening cut out of the middle becomes the backstrap. The foot bed slots into the sole and moulds to the wearer’s foot providing support for the arch. The sole shape provides protection where the foot has most contact with the ground. All 3 parts can be made of different materials and interchanged as required without the need for adhesives. All the pattern pieces tessellate ensuring minimum waste of materials."

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  1. I like this shoe...Chau teaches how to make shoes at Prescott & Mackay in London. I will be able to take her class soon!^^