Monday, 5 July 2010

the right kind of bubble

Unfortunately between industry night on thursday evening last week and friday lunchtime (when I took my friend to visit the carnaby exhibition), someone stole the lookbook I had on display with my shoes. Considering it cost me £30 to print (a lot on my student budget!) as well as a trip out to my shoefactory in leyton to emboss the cover myself I'm a bit gutted and just hoping it's in good (fashioney/press) hands. On the bright side I'm absolutely ecstatic that I've been featured on superblogger susie lau's stylebubble blog over the weekend, and what a post it is:

"I'm therefore pleased that I have killed two birds with one convenient stone by finding a designer who a) easily gets graduate footwear designer of this year (last year was the fearless Chau Har Lee) and b) also has impressed me with her will to combine forward-thinking production means with sustainability in materials as well as a mind-blowing aesthetic.. "

I feel really honoured to be featured given that this is a blog I've followed religiously for several years now and overwhelmed by the positive response and great feedback which susie's post is generating. Thankyou to Susie and everyone who's commented - and how exciting!

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  1. I found your blog through Susie's post yesterday and am thrilled! Your work is outstanding!! and thank you so much for sharing your process with us all like this. It's a rare treat.