Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Pressing Matters

Since the style bubble post, I've been overwhelmed by lots of new blog posts about me springing up and a fair few emails regarding ordering shoes. I thought I should explain that at present the shoes are not available to buy, and are not likely to be purchasable for some time (if ever). Currently they are very much a concept prototype and would require much further engineering of parts for them to be manufactured as working footwear (adidas mentioned they take around 2 years to develop new concept products..)
However I am looking into the possibility of making up a small sample run with September Fashion Week in mind - but this is still very much inquiry stage (anyone interested in sponsoring me please get in touch..info@helenfurber.com!)

I'm also working on a website, apologies it's not up and running yet..

In the meantime I've become addicted to googling myself and seeing how many new posts pop up - really amazing! Here are some other snippets including refinery29.com, trendhunter.com, fashionindie.com, designscene.net...


  1. Hi there I actually want to feature it in the mag.
    Can I further explain in email?

  2. Huge fan of your work! I was wondering, are your shoes available for purchase? And even if they're not yet, if they were to be, what would you be charging for them?

  3. Hi RL,

    please email me at info@helenfurber.com! Thanks