Monday, 21 June 2010

Flip(ping) book

So I've bee trying to organise getting the construction part of my animation made into a flip/flick (whatever) book to hand out at the show. Why is it so damn expensive everywhere?! People seem to want near enough 10quid for each one, which considering it's a business card sized gimmick is not reaaaally feasible for me right now. I've chopped down the number of pages and am now looking into having to DIY it..(sigh) with business card "paper" and software called (you guessed it) "Flipbook Printer". This however doesn't solve the problem of binding and covers, which I wanted to be uniform with my business cards and lookbook paper, and which is a linen emboss effect, with my name (ie. logo) embossed in the front. Then there's the dilemma of whether to bind it at all - not so "eco" friendly? Or use metal screws which was my initial proposal for lookbook materal..but then surely that's even less eco (when metal screws are taken into account) though does mean pages can be recycled and screws reused. hmmm.

My Photoshop Effort

Flip Book Software

What it will look like (minus the nice front cover I WILL have)

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