Wednesday, 23 June 2010

I don't eat bread feature

I also had a fantastic write-up on a blog called I don't eat bread, which is a a bit super cool, with some lovely photos so check it out. You can view my post if you scroll to 4th June.. and here is a copy of what the lovely Lauren wrote, my heart was all a flutter when I read it!

"I'm pretty certain that if I could marry any shoe, I would be walking down the aisle with these beautiful creations attached to my lips (definitely not my feet). I was just browsing on the LCF site, looking for a new designer fix as I haven't had one in a LONG time, when Helen Furber popped up and stole my heart. Seriously, there just aren't any adjectives to describe the magnitude of her achievements. She works in an ethically conscious manner that beautifies her designs rather than inhibiting them, resulting in genius that can't really be achieved with the same meaning on unethical items. The reason for the shoe being split into two parts comes from her idea of adding sustainability and recyclable nature to the materials and forms Furber creates. The upper of the shoe represents that sustainability whilst the plastic wedge creates a renewable source of material.
My main reason for worshipping these bloody incredible creations is the feeling that swept over me as I caught sight of the two parted design. Minus the perspex wedge, there's this dangerous weaponry undertone that resembles the glorious stalactites of those rad caves you see on National Geographic. Reading her blog gives her a further edge because I seriously crush over anyone that documents their journey, especially grad students. The tales are hilarious, informative and jealousy inducing."

Although the bit about the upper representing sustainability etc is not quite right (and made me realise I need to communicate this better) it's really great to know that people are loving the shoes and so makes it all worth it.

Thanks everyone for such great support!

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