Monday, 28 June 2010

got my day cut-out...

So after the trauma of all business card quotes being in the region of 200 smackers, I decided to take matters into my own hand and do a spot of improvisation. Ordering a last minute die stamp for £15 with my guy at studiotone (specialist stamp makers in the east end) I legged it from bethnal green (literally - no number 8 buses for the 30minute window of me needing to get there..tfl, i hate you) and rushed back to uni to use the press by 4.30 as it was last day of workshops. I managed to get there in time and after a couple of cut-outs rather than embosses, got the the machine set right and banged out 50cards. My pre-cut ones arrived the day after (typical) so rather than sunning myself today am busy cutting out these bad boys. You can so tell they're hand made by the odd wonky name and uneven pressure but I'm claiming that adds to the charm.

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  1. Hey Helen, I'm a making-it-up-as-i-go-along shoe maker from Australia, and I've been checking out your blog after (like everyone) seeing your Icica shoes around the net. Congrats on all the publicity and the hard work it must have taken to get here.
    I thought I'd drop a comment here to let you know that I also made business cards on a typewriter the night before my graduate design exhibition... nothing like a little handmade charm to save some money!