Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Featured on Coroflot members gallery & Core77 Magazine!

So what a nightmare of a day. We were to submit our shoes for the exhibition today and after leaving with 1.5 hours before the deadline I managed to arrive 30mins late courtesy of someone pulling the emergency stop cord on the southbound victoria line, and a bunch of police ticket checking in the angel area. A 20minute 5 stop tube ride took me 2 hours of utter frustration. Needless to say I arrived somewhat flustered and luckily the tutors were understanding. A bit of good news to brighten my day though is that after uploading my portfolio to Coroflot website yesterday I'm now in the featured gallery..which means I'm also featured on Core77 Industrial design magazine website. Very excited and so nice to have people giving me such lovely feedback.

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