Thursday, 4 February 2010

my deformed feet

I went to scan my lasts today which will basically give me a digital image of them I can use to design my sole units. Being the geek I am I found it fascinating as it's basically like a box with a scanner in it which laser scans the object in there and this then appears on screen. While I was there, out of curiosity I did a couple of foot scans just to see the difference between the foot being flat and in a heel. I've been researching into the effects of wearing heels in a bid to decide how high I should design mine - the idea being that they're comfy, not causing damage, you can walk in them easily and they're still sexy. After much trotting about in the shoes I have I came to the conclusion that 4inches was a good height, especially once you get a platform on there, and anything higher really gives me pain. Interesting to see how my feet are pretty much on the way to being deformed by heels though..."hammer toe" where your toes start to grip since you're balancing on such a small area seems to be a prime suspect..ewwww!

And for the record I don't have chunks out of my ankles, webbed feet or (hopefully) kankles, the scanner seems to add some lumps in here and there..:p

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