Tuesday, 23 February 2010

eco (money) pump?

So just in the process of harrassing the company that makes "liquid wood" arboform (which is a resin derived from natural polymers and fibres and which has the appearance of wood) to send me some for prototyping, and I discovered sergio rossi have beat me to the chase and made an "eco pump". I'd seen arbo used for a heel way back at the beginning of this project (which would appear to be this) but it would seem rossi have attempted to create an entirely "eco" pump, and I'm of divided opinion. Having put so much research and effort into my work I'm slightly irked by the fact it's claimed on certain website's that their entire shoe is biodegradeable while clearly of a traditional construction (stiffeners, glues...???) and that they've sourced leather from a tannery which is "eco-sensitive" - what does that mean??? On the one hand I guess any improvement is an improvement? But on the other I'm not convinced about how "eco" it really is. And there are no rules to really govern this at the moment. Is it just being "less bad" rather than really "eco efficient"? hum.. boring design either way.

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