Friday, 14 May 2010

shoot (me)

Yesterday was a pretty frought affair. After a meeting to finalise the animation for my product we had scheduled to have my editorial shoot at 7 in the evening but at midday the third confirmed model cancelled on me. So at 6.30 after an unsuccessful non-finish of the animation (going back today...) I headed off to topshop oxford circus in search of the face of my campaign. God bless topshop in all it's glory for there in the queue with a huge mass of bags and looking all pretty was mary, a norwegian 15year old on holiday, who after an initial moment of confusion agreed to come along (grandma in tow) and take part. 5 hours later following some precarious perching on a black glass box (made by my flatmate's own fair hand) and lots of yawning we had our shoot. And the rest as they say is history..Get the photos back today. The shoes fit her like a glove..I'm excited!

Uber Mega thanks to Natalie (my flatmate) and David (her boyf) who were stylist and photographer for my shoot.

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