Tuesday, 25 May 2010

back to reality, almost

After my first beautiful saturday off and a mini one-day holiday down at hackney lido yesterday (!) I'm back to finalising all the little extras I'd like to have at the show. One of the key areas with this project has been finding easy and effective ways to communicate what is a non-conventional construction for footwear. I have the animation, which I'm turning into a business card sized flickbook at the moment, and what I also wanted to work on was an augmented reality business card. I met up with David Sweeney who freelances with the LCF Fashion Digital Studio last friday, and hope to be able to create something along these lines in time for the show. This would essentially be an augmented reality model of my pin bed and maybe wedge, which you can see when you hold up my business card/flickbook to a webcam. You then see the 3D model of the shoe on screen with yourself...how cool! Something like this...

David also worked on the first augmented reality fashion presentation with cassette playa last fw10/11 (where a symbol on the t-shirt of the models triggers an animation which plays on top of the model)..

CASSETTE PLAYA AW1011 - AUGMENTED REALITY from Amazing Grace on Vimeo.

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