Thursday, 20 May 2010

shoot deux

So as well as an editorial style shoot I also wanted some images of the products which really showcase them in their own right. Working with David Abrahams and Natalie Fisher again we put heads together and following my brief of "nature meets technology", deciding the theme of the shoot should be based around natural textures which also look luxury/futuristic. I got on t'internet and ordered a whole load of bits: first off black gravel - I'd been dying to use this is some way or another and finally had a chance! Then also white wool tops - the excess from the spinning process which themselves are also really beautiful. I loved the idea of using a waste natural product in the shoot - in the end it was 100g of natural fibre Ramie Tops. Natalie also came up with the idea of eggs and charcoal which gave us an even balance of colours and textures for the background shots. After a trip to tesco and dalston market, my livingroom was again crammed full of camera stuff and trays of these bits...

And I will be baking for several months.

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