Friday, 19 March 2010

time to evolve

The past two weeks have been busy and also a bit disheartening as I've been trying to model shoe parts in a CAD programme and come up with all kinds of unforseen problems. My project is based around me designing my own shoe construction process which will allow me to create a product which is more ecologically sound, yet still an avante-guard and luxury product. I see this as the foundation of what will one day hopefully be my brand, and what will define me in the marketplace. For the initial concept collection I have four silhouettes in my range; a wedge, a heel and platform, a brogue and a trainer. Possibly a mid height in there later if I have time. But I essentially have to design a new construction process for each silhouette. This ultimately means I have to design and make my own components for each construction. Which is a lot tricker and more time-consuming than I thought. And I'm now running out of time. I'm currently trying to work out a new approach for creating them and a plan b so that I at least have prototypes for my degree.

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