Friday, 19 March 2010

"Success is when preparation & planning meet opportunity & guts!"

Last week I attended two sessions as part of the LCF First Move programme. First Move is for selected students to give you an extra push to network with industry and basically increase your industry contact in final year. The sessions were with Kubi Springer, founder of Sisterhood TV which is "a multimedia company dedicated to celebrating and inspiring today's global women who are: Bold, Beautiful & Empowered - women who dare to reach their goals and achieve!"

The Sessions were a two part workshop called "I am my brand" with Kubi - a bit of a mouthy PR guru who's run marketing campaigns for L'Oreal, Nike, MTV, Puff Daddy and was the youngest head of Marketing and Brand Development for the MOBO's at just 26. What was great about Kubi and the sessions was that it cut the crap and just got down to the nitty gritty of what you need to do to survive and actually flourish in what is a really competitive industry. We practised networking, looked at all aspects of how to successfully and seamlessly communicate (be it CV, presenting yourself, your portfolio/website..) and looked at how you might go about actually making some money. I thought the sessions were great and Kubi made it funny, interesting and actually really useful.

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