Wednesday, 20 July 2011

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So I've been very bad about updating here recently and I thought I would explain a bit about why..

Post-graduation I had a lot of interest in Icica from press, buyers, stylists and lots of interesting people, but unfortunately only managed to make samples in size 4 for the degree and then ran out of money! I decided to look for a job and try to develop the project, and managed to find a possible sponsor to develop the project with. Unfortunately this fell through and in the meantime I started working on some collaborative projects for Camper. I was then offered a job with Clarks which is where I am now, where my main role is to assist the design director and work on offline, trend-led projects across all categories.

I still have lots of interest in the Icica project and hope to continue development when I can so if anyone is interested in sponsoring a mould please let me know!

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