Thursday, 30 September 2010

lessons from bernard rudofsky, circa 1944

looking into ergonomics and fundamentals of shoe shape and function I disovered this chap: photograph to show how modern shoes do not match the shape of the human foot.

From left to right: Plaster cast of an adult's deformed foot which has taken on the shape of a shoe; wooden last; present-day shoe; plaster model of an imaginary symmetrical foot which corresponds to the shoe manufacturer's idea of human anatomy." via Getty


  1. Nice post! I've collected this image long time ago, but have never figure it out.

  2. Oy, how true! As a half-Brit, I was cursed with especially-wide feet that don't taper at the end at ALL-- and it is so hard to find dress shoes that don't end in pointy toes, which are more than uncomfortable for me, but simply unwearable. I want to send this image to every shoe designer in existence and say, "Look. Can you guys start making shoes that are shaped like feet again?"