Friday, 4 December 2009

chain reaction

so after a highly productive morning of discovering new blogs (always a winner) I'm getting down to it and writing the "strategic proposal" for my footwear collection.zzzz. First things first.. jacket by luxirare..I like how it looks like sequins but is actually chains. I'm still liking the idea of unusual embellishment, which I hadn't really considered before for my shoes. As for the dress..Bit of a shame it's a bit babydoll - think i'd want to hack that whole bottom bit off and the bottom of the sleeves to make it a bit more streamlined. Or if you look at the (top) mirrored picture and squint, it looks like some kind of halter neck chain harness jacket at the front which I think I prefer..maybe a bra covered in chains?? chain basque? Maybe I can do lingerie to go with my shoes.. argh strategic here i come..

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